Monday, January 2, 2012

Step by Step

Hello America!! Or should I say Hola Estados Unidos! I wish I could have blogged earlier but the first thing I learned was to be flexible and I've had to live by that 24~7 since I've left home. I guess I'm not in kansas anymore. ;) Since I haven't gotten to blog yet I'm going to explain EVERYTHING since I buckled my seat belt for the first time on this adventure. In the vans all of us had a great time laughing and talking. We got to the hotel that  night, had pizza, talked some more, way more, and went to bed.
        The next morning we woke up before the crack of dawn, packed up and headed to the airport. We got on our flight perfectly fine and flew to Houston, Texas. There we grabbed our lunch quickly. I had a panini croissant with ham, cheese, and other ingredients. It was delicious!! Then we headed to our gate by way of subway train and got on our flight headed to san salvador, el salvador. However, we did not leave at the time we were supposed to; we were delayed a whopping two hours. But again, flexibility is the key word with our lifestyles this week. A few people got kicked off the plane but we finally rose to the sky and got to san salvador!! I had the weirdest feeling!!! I honestly felt sooo unprepared before this trip and it didn't feel real until i stepped into the excruciating hot sun!! I love the heat!! We drove to our hotel in a van that fits 15 people but definitly doesn't look like it!! We quickly drop our stuff and change for church. We then went to the church and had service. I forgot how much i LOVE worshiping our God in spanish! Afterwards, we had a wonderful dinner and again talked and went to bed. The next morning we woke up and I led devotions! I don't know how well I did but I really feel God was speaking through me and that was my goal. Afterwards, we went to the church and had breakfast; again delicious. Afterwards, Pastor Ivo (the pastor of the church that we're working with and that is hosting us), gave us precautiouus instructions for daily living in el salvador. Afterwards, he gave us booklets to pass out to the community about Jesus. It was a really cool experience. Just say "toca por favor". We did that then went back to the church and again a tasty meal for lunch. After lunch, this athletic director came to the church and had us exercise in a really, interesting, different, fun way. Afterwards, we have dinner at the church went back to the hotel and went to bed.
            Today, we woke up, had devotions with Sarah which was wonderfully inspiring, and went to the church and had breakfast. We then went to our sister school and split into 3 groups. My team consisted of Ian, Christa, our translator Eddy, 15 students from the school, and I. We played alot of games like: kick ball, soccer, simon says, knock out, soccer, and more soccer. They adore soccer! We then went back to the church, had lunch, came back to the school and did some dirty work. There was a massive pile of sand near a tree in the courtyard so we shoveled it all, put it in wheel barrows, and put it in a sand bed type thing. We also painted lots of walls white because the students are going to have a mural contest on the wall (la pared) tomorrow. After this, we went back to the hotel and we got to go swimming in the ocean! It was sooo fantastic! However, alot of people were scared because the waves were gigantic! After this, we went back to the hotel, showered, went to the church, had dinner, made bracelets, came back to the hotel, and had a team meeting. This is pretty much EVERTHING that has happened so far. Well, i am literally exhausted soo...BUENOS NOCHES!! (good night :))     --Anna Marie Schetter)
p.s. hope to talk to you again soon!!

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