Thursday, January 5, 2012

Los Ninos de El Salvador

Painting over the old murals with students from Sotomayor and our translator Eveline.
Today was a great day! Very hot, but we got a lot done. We went to Caova, a poor community and handed out food. They were all so grateful, and all the kids got really excited when we had a party for them in the soccer field. We had  beach balls of several different sizes for all the kids and we handed out cookies and juice to them and played pato pato ganso (duck duck goose). It was a little crazy because the kids did not really want to listen, but we still had fun.
    I have to say I'm really sad that we're not going to see the kids from the school again. They were so much fun to hang out with and I think they were sad when we sad goodbye too. On Wednesday, the kids painted murals on the walls and then they came back to the church and we got to skype the school. After we skyped the school, we had a chance to share the Gospel with them. One girl from my group, Angela, rededicated her life and another girl, Yolanda, accepted Christ. It was really amazing to see the kids accept Christ and to know that even if I don't see them again in this life, we'll meet again in heaven. After those kids from the school left, we got to have a party for the kids from the nutrition center. Those kids were crazy! (In a good way). All I had to do was tell them my name before they gave me a giant hug and didn't let go. It reminds me of God's love, it doesn't condemn us for our sins it's just there for us and God wants us to spend time with Him. They wanted to run, spin, kick balls, and just be with us. I have to say that would be one of my favorite experiences. That night at church, Ian had the opportunity to play the drums in their band! He had a great time with that. And once again I LOVED their church service. I recognized some of the songs and so I could sing along to them in spanish and know what I was saying.
   This morning we spent our time cooking the meals that we passed out and I learned how to make tortillas! That was a fun learning experience and making all the food really made me appreciate our cook, Blanca, because she cleans and prepares all of our  food. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

finished murals

the students painted these themselves

amistad mean friendship

Boy at the Nutrition Center;so happy to be held!


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