Sunday, January 1, 2012

Greetings from La Libertad

Day 2 is drawing to a close! Right now were sorting items that we brought for the kids at the school which we'll visit for the first time tomorrow. Yesterday we  arrived a couple hours late, went to our hotel, and then straight to the church. The church service was awesome, it was cool to be able to God in a different language and know that whether we talk to God in spanish or english, He'll understand. Afterwards we ate dinner and spent time getting to know each other, which let me practice my limited spanish. The people that knew a little english introduced themselves in english and those of our team that know enough spanish introduced themselves in Spanish. It was nice to know that just like we're making an effort to speak spanish, they're making the same effort even if they don't know that much english. Since last night was New Year's Eve, everything was closed when we got here and opended at midnight. Firecrackers were going off everywhere and it was really loud, and the streets were full of people. Today we got to tour the city a little bit and then we spent a couple hours playing games with some of the youth from the church. Tomorrow we'll get to go to the school and meet the kids, and I'm excited to give them everything we brought. The food is great and I love eating all the homemade dishes. It's alot different from how we buy almost everything we eat at the store. The culture is different and it's cool that  they care more about relationships than being on time. We handed out booklets near the beach today and most everyone we offered them too took them, and some asked for one. I just kept thinking about how if we were in America the majority of the people we offered them to would have turned them down or ignored us because they had something  to do or somewhere to be and they didn't have time. It's really different, but I do love being here. Plus, who would mind being in 90 degree whether on January 1? Thanks for all your prayers and support!

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