Monday, January 2, 2012

El Salvador Day Number 3

Today was an amazing experience working with the kids! We started by splitting up in three groups with a translator and 3 of us in each, then tried to explain what to do with the translator.  The kids seemed to like more active game better; like volleyball, kickball, and especially soccer.  When we were done with the first game, they asked if we wanted to play soccer and they are REALLY good!  They even challenged us, the El Salvadorian girls against the American girls and we actually tied 1 to 1.  Then we painting one of the gym's wall white so that tomorrow the kids can draw new murals on them.  Another different thing is the animals, I have seen sooooo many new things, like a wondering pig, about 15 goats walking across the street, and this morning i got up and there on the floor was a rhino beetle, I freaked out. We also saw little lizards, red ants, stray dogs, little crabs.  Adios :)


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  1. Sarah, did Emma break the windows out with her screaming when you discovered the beetle? We looked them up and they get pretty big. Don't let one of those climb in your luggage!