Sunday, January 1, 2012

Extremes: Chilly and warm

Wow! The extreme temperature change has taken us by surprise. For awhile we were a little weary and "wilted" today as we walked around La Libertad on this first day of the  new year. Ever had an El Salvadorian popsicle? We did! Delicious! We are 70 degrees hotter than what we left behind in Ohio just yesterday morning. Speaking of temperature, we have decided that there is only one temperature in the showers where we are staying:  chilly. Last night we found out how chilly...eeks!  Today, however, after a day of sweating just by just standing still, those chilly showers sure will feel nice. We may even start calling "dibs" for them! Though the showers are chilly, the hearts of our students are very warm, as reflected in their happy faces. They are enamoured and engaged with the new El Salvadorian friends they have made, speaking more Spanish than I care to attempt. We did team building exercises today with a special personal trainer and our El Salvadorian friends who quickly showed us that activites like mental games on paper, dual jumprope contests (you should have seen Miss Jones!), and speed ball/soccer don't have language barriers to hinder how much fun you can have. It is a blessing to be God's child in any climate, sharing with those whose only language we now sense is for God and love for us too.  In our world, that's pretty extreme!!  Happy New Year, everyone...wish you were here!

--Mama Mindling

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