Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012 in El Salvador

These past couple days have been super busy! Many of our team members have been sick from eating the wrong food, drinking the wrong water, and from dehydration (including me). Our translators and Miss Jones and Mrs. Mindling have taken turns staying behind with the sick part of our team. But, thanks to Pastor Ivo and his good choice in doctors the majority of us are feeling much better.
Yesterday, while many people stayed behind and rested, the rest of the team went out into the poorer part of the communities in La Libertad. From what I heard and the pictures that I saw it seamed like an exciting but yet humbling experience. The team threw a party for the children and handed out food to the families.
But, despite all the business of these last few days God let us relax. Pator Ivo brought us to a beautiful beach house that was right on the beach. It had a pool and an amazing view!  It was so relaxing and everyone got to do what they wanted to do. It was so awesome. Then, we went to a market to buy souveneirs. The little shops were lined up in a huge row and you could see everything. You could walk through the stores and see things from coffee mugs to huge hammocks everywhere. It was a cool experience. Then after that we all went to Pastor Ivo's house to eat dinner. After we ate we said our goodbyes. I felt very sad to leave these amazing people. The people in El Salvador are so friendly and willing to do anything to help you even though they don't have very much. I am sorry to leave.
So long (for know), El Salvador, I will miss you!
--Kelsey Strouse

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