Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey guys,

Well, this week is almost done.  This week has gone fast, you really do grow to love these people.  Today was the last day of officially serving the community and the church.  Today we went to the poor community, but before that we hand made all the meals and then went to give them out, we really don't know how much we have back home.  It is definitely very humbling.  Today we saw and played with kids who lived in a shack made of tin roofing, sticks, and sometimes a door on the front.  A lot of the time they would cover the sides with a sheet.  When we handed out food to the kids, they immediately grabbed it.  Not accepted it, grabbed it from our hands.  It was definitly a sad and humbling experience. 

Yesterday was a busy day, we went to the school and played with kids, and finished any touching up we had to do with the library we painted.  Then came back and played with little kids from the nutrition center at the church.  After that we went to church, and Emma, Anna and I shared our testimony.  I actually got to play the bongos for a few songs and the drums for a couple during worship at church!  It was fun playing with the band! It was a long but awesome day!

Once again, everyone here that has hosted us, and  that we've come in contact with has been awesome!  It has been a great experience and I can't wait for tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are going to see a volcano, and going souvenier shopping, and possibly go to the ocean.  So tomorrow will just be a chill day to have fun and see the city.  Then it is back to the buckeye state on Saturday.  The weather has been perfect this week, no rain or clouds in sight! Its been very hot but it has been well worth it!


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