Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Feeding Caoba

This week we were blessed with the opportunity to visit Caoba. Caoba is a community that was built so that the community could be relocated. The people used to live by one of the rivers here in El Salvador, which frequently floods and washed away their houses. After a while the government intervened and moved them to a different location so that they wouldn't have to worry about the flooding anymore. Though the government built the community, it was up to the people to do everything else. The government does not support the community financially so they struggle to have their basic needs met, including food. We spent the morning cutting,cooking, and packaging the food that we passed out. As we drove up the road and into the community, I saw the people's faces automatically light up. They knew why we were there the moment that we pulled up and their excitement made me want to help them even more. We divided up into small groups including the team and our translators. As we walked down the streets we were meet by people who are in poverty, but were also full of joy. The people would invite us into their homes and thank us for giving them a meal. By sharing food with the community we were able to help people who are suffering, but we were also blessed by helping others who are in need. -Taylor Pritchett

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