Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A new experience for me, for us...

Our Sunday morning was much different than what my team and I had planned or what we were expecting. We found ourselves in the midst of heartbreak and grief through the church, and we watched the people we have grown to know and, hurt, which hurt us. A man named Arsenio was an essential member and worker of the church, but was also a great man of God. Our team did attend the funeral services, including the funeral and the burial of our brother in Christ, as a support to our friends and as a support of the church, and for some people, as a friend of Arsenio. The services were much different than what we know from the United States. As tradition, family and close friends are expected to stay with the immediate family of the loss one all night until the next day, when the burial services take place. The burial service as a whole is a complete different experience than anyone from our team has ever experienced. Not only does the family and friends gather to the burial sight but they actually put the casket into the ground and pour the cement over top. You can imagine how hard that would be. The entire experience was a lesson to all of us and I think we all appreciated to see the difference in culture, and also being there as a support to the family and church. I encourage you to continue to keep Arsenio's friends and family in your prayers as they heal and mourn over the loss of him. -Quin Jackson

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