Friday, January 10, 2014

Time for "Mica"

As we passed out the smile bags (Luke told you about this in his blog, but in case you didn't read that,they are bags filled with soap, toothpaste, a comb, and other health supplies) to the families in Caoba we mentioned to them that the team and the translators would be out on the soccer field later that day to play games. The kids were very excited for the games and some left right after we had mentioned it to them. Once we finished passing out the smile bags we headed towards the field where we found about 50 kids from the community already playing with each other and waiting for us to join in. You would think that people who speak different languages would have a hard time finding games to play with each other but here everyone knows how to play "mica," (pronouced mee-kah) better known to us as "tag." It first started with just 4 or 5 kids playing with us and then it turn into about 20 kids running around tagging each other and laughing and having a great time.

Others played some catch with a football while the  rest played soccer out on the fields. While everyone played catch and tag and soccer I had about 10 girls tickling me, though at times it was painful it was definitely well worth to see the huge smiles that stayed on their faces. As we went to leave to go back to the church we said adios and all the kids in Caoba came running to say goodbye and thank us for playing with them. It was great spending time with all the kids there in Caoba and I know we made a great impact on all the children there.
-Bailey Hamilton

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