Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Crazy Day of Travel

By: Taylor Anderson Its 3:20 in the morning when my alarm wakes me up. There is still no sign of the sun anywhere outside. Its snowing like crazy. I wake up and get ready to leave the house. I cannot wait to be back down in El Salvador, I barely sleep that night because I was so excited. I knew that during the trip God would really demonstrate his love to us and give all his blessings, but I was not prepared to see it so early in the trip. When we got to the airport there was a problem with our tickets, one of our flights had been cancelled the night before because of the weather so the Director of Missions at Church, Don, had to redirect our flight plan. So instead of arriving in El Salvador at noon we would not be getting there till about 9:30 at night. So by the time we got everything figured out and got through the security at the airport our plane was having final boarding calls. So we ran through the airport and got there just before they closed the doors. Then when we got to Newark we had a 3 hour layover. Our plane from Newark to Houston was supposed to arrive at the same time that our plane from Houston to San Salvador was leaving. So we were again going to have to run to catch that plane. Then while we were sitting on the plane we were delayed because they needed to thaw the plane so basically we were going to miss our flight to San Salvador. But for reasons unknown to me the flight to San Salvador was delayed 45 minuets giving us just enough time to get there and board at normal boarding time. God works in mysterious ways. I knew he was going to reveal this to me while I was on this trip but I wasn't looking for it while we were traveling. He really must have wanted us down in El Salvador for a reason. I guess that is just one of the many amazing things about God, he always blesses you when you are not expecting it. I know he has a lot in store for all of us on this trip and I can not wait to see how he changes the lives of every person on my team and to see the impact that we will have on the people down here is going to be truly amazing.

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