Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday in El Salvador

The team is remarking this morning that they can´t believe it is Thursday already!  Nick and Tyler just want to stay.  Yesterday was very full, full of work and full of spiritual moments.  In the morning we cleaned, peeled and chopped vegetables to go into a chicken stew.  We all had a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from what I hear are the most experienced El Salvadoran women, at making tortillas.  It was very funny for us Gringos to try and master the technique.  I think they made 3 tortillas for every 1 that we made.  After we got the food all packed up into boxes, the policia escorted us to a piece of land where the government put up temporary housing for all the people who´s homes washed into the river last November.

There was alot of cultural and emotional shock for us all, but especially our first timers.  After going house to house to hand out the lunches, we then went back to ask if we could share the gospel with them.  Our team was amazing and we were able to help twelve people receive salvation!

Then last night was a church service, where Greg played the saxaphone to the praise music and a solo of Amazing Grace.

This is the plan for today as well.  There are more homes that did not receive food, so we are again busy cooking.

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  1. What a wonderful God we serve. His grace shines out of your message and out of your service and into the hearts of the people who see His love through all of you.

    Thanks for sharing.