Saturday, June 25, 2011

Serving the community

Today we hosted a large fiesta in in the community we now know is called Coaba where we led people to Christ over the last week. The biggest win today was that two more moms accepted Jesus for the first time. Over a dozen people came to Christ. How do I know besides the fact we were there?  Yesterday while we were in San Salvador, God provided a way for us to buy 135 copies of the book of Juan (John) in Spanish  for the church to distribute to new believers. We actually cleaned out two Christian bookstores in the process. We gave out 20 of them today to the people we led to the Lord.  They were so happy to have a part of the Bible to read. One young woman and her mother were in a house where I shared my testimony. The mom cannot read, but the daughter said with a great big smile that she would read to her mom about Jesus.  Wow!  This is tremendous good news! 

The party was a huge success, with lots of games, making bracelets, handing out stickers, loving little babies, helping with the breaking of two pinatas. All who came received a package of cookies, something to drink and the two moms got their first book of John as well.  Our host team has such a heart for the is inspiring!

Every day we have been doing our team devotions with our El Salvadorian friends. It has been rich to hear them pray and read God´s Word in Spanish.  We were challenged this morning to keep praying for each other and remember we are part of one big family in God´s eyes.  What God has done here has given this church a spark for their city and the future work here. They are so very thankful. 

We have so much to share and will be back in the US before we know it, so forgive us if we seem a little distant when we land in OH. Our hearts have been changed and God has done a good work here in and through us.  Please keep July 3 on your calendars as an opportunity for you to hear about our newest project as we will share about our trip in the evening at church.  The next project has been coined ¨Serve La Libertad.¨ Sound familiar? 

Dios te bendiga!  God bless you and thank you for following us on this amazing journey of prayer and faith.

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