Thursday, June 23, 2011

Food Network in El Salvador....feeding the hungry

Our electricity went out last night in a violent thunderstorm that greeted us with no showers, no toilets, no electricity.  It proved to be a very interesting morning for us gringos. We were able to take care of the basics at the church where the electricity was running...and we were very thankful. 

This morning mirrored yesterday morning´s activities. Our goal? Create 125 meals to deliver at 1245 in a poor neighborhood about 15 minutes from here.  We have become the Rachel Ray and Emeril´s of La Libertad, cutting vegetables, making salad, making (yes, making) torillas. Our whole team got in on the process from start to finish! The result? We delievered those meals yesterday to folks who had little food and no hope. We went back to the homes to then share Christ. To our delight, 10 people came to Christ and 2 people recommited their lives to Him.  It was a great experience as we split into teams with a translator in each team.  Today we will go back and do the same with those who we were unable to see yesterday.
Pray for openness to the good news. Many think that because they don´t go to church, they are unable to go to heaven. Some laugh at the thought that there is even a God or hell. It´s heartbreaking.

Pray for Marilee Marks as she is feeling a little under the weather today. She will return to the hotel to be our prayer force while we walk house to house.  We know Gód´s plans are good and she will get the rest she needs.

Our hosts are so caring and fired up that we are here. Many times I have heard that having the team here is like putting a fire under this church and their ministries.  Wow. That´s humbling and exciting. May that fire burn bright today as we team together to reach this community!  Adios!

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