Friday, June 24, 2011

Trip to San Salvador

Today the team will be traveling to different places and will have more of a fun and more relaxed day. Our day started with breakfast and devotions led by Caylie. Followed by a trip to see a real volcano and this will allow time for a lot of pictures. After we eat lunch we will head out again to see the capital, San Salvador. This is where we will do the majority of our souvenier shopping. Today is meant to help us relax and take it easy, or as many of us have been saying tranquilla. Many of us could not ask for a better experience then the one we have encountered this past week. Although many, if not all of us, do not want to leave this place we can all say that our spiritual lives and our view of our own lives has been drastically changed. We could not ask for better relationships throughout the church staff, team members, and translators. We are so blessed to say that we came and many of us are already saying we want to come back next year.

For Now,
God Bless,
The Magnificent Seven

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