Friday, December 30, 2011

El Salvador, here we come

It was a historic moment in chapel at Open Door Christian School when the team stood up in front of the K-4th graders recently and shared in the joy and excitement of their generous gift to our sister school students thousands of miles away. They gave $250 in pennies....wrap your head around that. That's 25,000 of those copper coins! "Pennies from Heaven," is what principal Susan Torode coined them to be. (No pun intended.)And what was purchased with those pennies will be more than lots of supplies including pencils and sharpeners for all 600 students in Luz de Sotomayor in La Libertad. It will be hope, change, love, a new relationship between students who had no idea the other existed.

We partner with all of the students at Open Door, as well as students at Firelands School district who helped pave the way for improvements to the buildings and lives of this very poor school and the students there. We hope to Skype next week on the school grounds in La Libertad to give ODCS a real picture of all that has been done in this school.  We hope more than anything else to give these chidren, some destined for the streets, a new start and motivation to stay in school. We have brought tools, but only God can create the hunger in these students to want to find Him, their answer. Streets or school classroom, our students still need Jesus!

Thank you for your prayers as we board a plane today to start an amazing journey. We hope to update you many times over the next 7 days. The Terrific Ten from Open Door and our translator Jose appreciate your prayers on our behalf. So, whatever the adventure holds, this statement is true:  El Salvador, here we come!

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